Valentine’s Shoot Featured on Trendy Bride

14 February

Am always humbled when our work is published… On this Valentine’s Day, Trendy Bride is showing us some love by featuring our Watercolor Romance Styled Shoot. Beautifully captured by JofFoto, the images evoke vibrant, passion-filled romance where pinks and reds overcome every shade of gray!

“He found the colors to paint her where the world had left her grey”

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Inspired by Atticus Poetry

Happily introduced to the Bella Villa inventory collection on occasion of this shoot is the vintage menu stand above. Our artistic groom used it as a unique easel for painting his muse. View More:       View More: Totally fibbing.  That was just for the shoot… the real artist was Lazy Dog Art Studio who painted her interpretation of the Atticus quote as that poignant watercolor you saw above… did you notice she’s grey in the picture and he’s breathing color into her?  I love it.

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If you’ve never been to Rust Manor House and Nature Sanctuary in Leesburg, VA it is absolutely worth a visit as the Audubon Naturalist Society is also located there and I’m pretty sure they love squirrels. Also, along with Aldie Mill Historic Park, another unique Loudoun County venue located just across the road from the Bella Villa warehouse, Rust Manor is open to the public!  I digress. Back to the shoot… We also introduced these awesome new red velvet bergere chairs, which have yet to be named. Feel free to post suggestions on my Facebook page.  Gorgeous to add a punch of color to any lounge!

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They’re so comfy and feature the same body style as the pair of Siena & Chiara pink velvet tufted chairs, but the new ones are red and have a smooth back (no tufting).

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We also featured two very feminine “occasional” tables… the petite mint green serpentine console. So gorgeous and was perfect for the card and gift table. And of course, you can see the inspirational quote beautifully scribed in watercolor.

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So perfect with all its chippiness, fancy hardware and curvy body. Like a woman!  Those droopy tulips in the drawer make my heart skip!

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We displayed Sweet Pink Bakery’s gorgeous cake (complete with Cupid’s arrow!) atop our white frenchy table and displayed the gorgeous blooms from Danielly’s Boutique’s in the caged bottom area.

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And this might be one of my favorite things to rent… tableside bubbly for the bride & groom… I love love love using this fancy urn in lieu of a traditional ice bucket. Anyone can have an ice bucket. It takes a genius (that’s what I like to tell myself) to see creative, yet practical, uses for ordinary objects. Although, this urn is hardly ordinary!

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Thanks for reading! I’ll have more photos from this shoot on my Facebook page. Meanwhile, take a look at the full team of creatives listed below and don’t forget to check out the Trendy Bride post! If you’re compelled, leave a comment… share some love. The world needs more of it.
And Happy Happy Valentine’s Day!!!!!



Photographer:  JOFFOTO//Event Designer: A Beyoutiful Fete Events & Design//Heirlooms and extras: Bella Villa Antiques & Vintage Rentals//Model: Daniel Bachelet//Floral Designer:Danielly’s Boutique//Model: Ellie Thomposon//Dress Store:Fabulous Frocks of Alexandria//Art: Lazy Dog Art Studio//Calligrapher: Mommy In Pink//Reception Venue: Rust Manor House and Nature Sanctuary//Cake DesignerSweet Pink Bakery//Makeup Artist: Tmak Artistry // Valentine’s Day 

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A year later?! Really?

01 February

Sometimes I take a long time to get things done. : / Call it the squirrel in me. This is just to report that I’m going to make a concerted effort to add inventory photos to this website so that ya’ll can make a wish list and book your rentals!  Word of mouth and exclusivity has been awesome for me, but I’m too busy and can’t keep up! Something’s gotta give! Custom proposals are still the way to book your rentals, but to anyone waiting for one of those, especially my planner friends… it’s coming and I promise not to make you wait to much longer!


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11 January

Hi there! Just a note to let you know that our winter project here at Bella Villa is to get our vintage rentals inventory uploaded to the website so you can see what we have at any hour of the day or night!

Red Fox Inn; June 12th, 2013

It’s ever the ongoing project partially because we continue to squirrel away new vintage pieces, but mostly because I just want to foof and style events to create memorable moments like this one!  The squirrel in me just does not want to sit at a computer uploading a database.

Shannon and Dan Briar Patch (23)

Alas, owning your own business means doing the stuff you do not like in addition to the stuff you love. Or hiring someone and delegating! Hmmm….. leaning that way. Isn’t this turkey feeder an awesome rustic wine cooler?

Shannon and Dan Briar Patch (5)

You can use it for water too, or whatever beverages you like!



So until I hire someone, don’t hesitate to send me an email requesting inspiration images. I’ll quickly send you a pdf file (or 3) with tons of images to give you an idea of what we have. If you see something you like, we can set an appointment to come check out the warehouse in person!

Shannon and Dan Briar Patch (28)

Cheers and have a great day!



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Featuring Inspiration by Middleburg Events Studio

01 August

Repost from Weddings Unveiled Blog December 2014…

This photo shoot never gets old for me…

Our signature antique doors

Our signature antique doors

With Fall approaching, it’s nice to think about how vintage furniture in unorthodox colors like green and blue can augment the beautiful colors in Virginia’s Fall landscape…

Chandys & a Cake-topped country store barrel

Chandeliers in a Barn… say no more.

Luxurious Lounge in the country

Luxurious Lounge in the country

Check out more gorgeous pictures here:

More soon!

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The 7 Year Itch & Picking Just One Door

05 June

Hi Everyone! 

Big news… Really Big News actually.  No time for pictures today -I just have to tell you something.

We’re restructuring Bella Villa.  By restructuring, I mean, changing the model so that I can focus (Squirrel!) on the part of the business that will give me greater flexibility and more time to actually live life. I love doors! I would go through every single one if I could. But I’m picking just one main door and behind it is Vintage Rentals!  



Wow! I finally said it!

Eeek!!  It’s taken me WEEKS to write this note, partially because I’ve been busy decorating an awesome house, cottage and barn in between several beautiful weddings, rehearsals, photo shoots and company events!!! Also because, seriously, who wants to sit at their desk and write this?  

Indeed, after 7 ½ years of offering a cool and classy shop in the great little village of Aldie (many thanks to the contribution of my family of dealers I might add), I’ve finally come to accept that, I really cannot do both jobs in the awesome and amazing way that I would like. Therefore, I am closing the door, as it were, to the retail storefront of Bella Villa. While I will miss the daily interaction with all of you, my wonderful customers and friends, I confess I am beyond excited about the change because I’m keeping the Annex as the warehouse for my Vintage Rentals inventory (along with the Squirrel Barn Studio and the Middleburg Events Studio). I will have more time to do everything better! Well, less than everything, but still alot!  I’m still going to sell directly to design clients. I’m still styling and designing and might do a show or two… I’m just not running a shop anymore. : )   

So this is how it’s goin’ down, folks.  The transition is already well underway and everything is happening super fast!!
The shop is closing on Friday, June 26th. Bella Villa items that are not being absorbed into the rentals inventory are 30% off!!!
Our hours for the last 3 weeks are Wednesday thru Sunday 11 to 5ish. Closed Monday and Tuesday.

One of the best things about the change is that not only do I get to stay in the Village, hang out at Wally’s wine shop, and continue to contribute to the Aldie Heritage Association, but I also get to decide who will be taking over the Bella Villa space, and thus be my new neighbor!!  I’m in the process of recruiting someone new to come to the village and am super excited because we’re in talks with another antiques shop, a consignment shop, a tea shop and a group of gals that want to open an Etsy-like boutique shop. All this from word-of-mouth! I wish they could all come! Aldie rocks!  

On that note, I’m still taking inquiries and a final decision will be made by July 15th if not sooner, so if you’re interested in opening your own doors in Aldie (and have me and Wally as your neighbors), send me a note, and I’ll send you the Request for Interest form. They’re due by June 26th.

Last but not least, I’m happy to report that my dealers were quickly invited to join other shops. Doors everywhere! I’ll have more on that in a subsequent post. Meanwhile, as Father’s Day is quickly approaching, I invite you to come check out the wares of our super awesome “Men’s Den” dealer, aka The Hound Dog, aka The Marlboro Man, the one and only, Chris Mueller!!

I’ll be at the shop today and Sunday if you want to pop in!  : )   



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Today’s the Soiree!

07 February


Join Us Today!
10ish to 5pm

39478 John Mosby Hwy
Aldie, VA 20105

Great Raffle Prizes All Day!
Gift certificates to:
 Red Fox Inn & Tavern ($60)
Aldie Peddler ($25)
Carriage House Consignments ($25)
La Bella Luce ($25 + 2 hrs design consultation)
Bella Villa Gift Basket valued at $165
Live Music from 1 – 3
Pink Bubbly!!
French Macarons by Fresh Bakes
French Madeleines and Cream Puffs!
Quiches, Grapes and French Cheese!
Strawberries, Fancy Brie and Veggies!
We don’t mess around!!

Sneak peek of my vintage outfit today!
An original piece, inspired by the runways of Milan and Paris. Made and worn in the 70′s by my Mom, the one and only, Carmela!
Free Copies of
Weddings Unveiled- Winter Issue
Today at Bella Villa!!

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How to Win the Raffle!

30 January


Raffle Entries for every purchase from now thru next Saturday!

$250+ Raffle Prize

BV_AD_5 Valentine Soiree 2015

All week long, you get a raffle entry for any purchase, and if your purchase amounts to more than $100, you get another entry!!  Each day between now and February 7th, you can keep entering.  Plus you get another entry on Saturday, February 7th, just for visiting during our Valentine’s Soiree!

Hope to see you this weekend!


BellaVilla-Vintage-Rentals-Logo no background


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Save the Date: Feb 7th

27 January

How is it possible that almost 4 weeks have passed since the beginning of this new year??  I just don’t take the time to write about and share what’s going on… Maybe this has something to do with it??

GMatBV012I was never a good journal keeper in school. I don’t know why. I love sharing my thoughts…almost all of them in fact!  My poor Kevin can attest to that.  And when I’m not on a shpeal of my own thoughts, I read others’ and often share those… out loud… usually in the car when we’re driving somewhere. Oh yah, I’m loads of fun.

How is everyone? Good holidays?  Mine were wonderful!  We went to California and ate amazing meals, hung out with family, and played with Gianni, Siena, Rocco and Carlo. The time spent with all of them is never enough, and despite how much I love my life here in beautiful Virginia, each visit to California is always a welcome bit of added chaos to add to my hectic schedule.  Tranquility Farm - Thanksgiving Shoot

Speaking of that, we have fun plans coming up at Bella Villa!!  Save the date for our upcoming Paris-inspired Valentine’s Soiree at Bella Villa!! Saturday, February 7th starting at Bella Villa shop!!BVParis-Soiree-CoopAC

You’re all invited to join us for French macarons by Fresh Bakes, wine tasting and bubbly provided by The Aldie Peddler and a special prize raffle with gifts provided by all the dealers of Bella Villa, as well as La Bella Luce, The Aldie Peddler and Carriage House Consignment 10 minutes down the road.

10313167_1478016679099094_3880933691909951254_nYou get 1 chance just for coming, another chance if you make a purchase, and 2 chances for every purchase over $100.

Brides & Grooms: We’re also having a special promotion for you!!  Book your date by February 7th to get $100 credit toward your vintage rentals.  All in the name of love!

Looking forward to seeing you all then, if not sooner!!




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Open House This Saturday

03 December

Thank you so much for all the love and support (and purchases!) during our anniversary celebration as well as the Thanksgiving weekend!! We were wonderfully busy and so enjoyed visiting with you and meeting your family and friends!! Here we are at the end of the night… toasting another great year!

Thank you Loudoun County Style for the beautiful flowers and for unexpectedly coming to photograph our special day! Lots more pics of shenanigans and vintage stuff on Facebook!

You’re all invited to join us again this Saturday Dec 6th, 10am – 5pm for our Holiday Open House and Wally’s Wine Tasting!!


More deliciousness will be on the menu!  And the fantastic handmade bird houses / doll houses are going on sale for the entire month of December!! Get yours while they last – American made!!


Don’t forget this Saturday is also Christmas in Middleburg!! Check out the itinerary and make a day of it!!


Especially this time of year, there’s nothing more heartwarming than enjoying the simple pleasures of our small rural villages.


Shop local, Support Small, Enjoy the Village.


It’s because of all of you that we are here.

Thank you!!

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7 Year Anniversary Celebration

17 November

Come celebrate with us this Saturday, November 22nd at Bella Villa!!

We’ll have delicious food all day and the Aldie Peddler is hosting their annual Thanksgiving Wine Tasting from 1-4pm next door.

The shop is decked out with Thanksgiving AND Christmas, Fall and Winter Home decor!

We are so happy to be celebrating 7 wonderful years in


 Come enjoy some delicious homemade food, inspirational decor for your home and find unique and wonderful gifts for your family and friends.

This Saturday, November 22nd, 10am – 5pm at Bella Villa in Aldie, Virginia. For sneak peeks, come this week – I’ll be there starting Tuesday at 10am! ish. Yah, who are we kidding? 10-ish. ;)




Reply to this email or Call for questions
(571) 921-0356
10ish to 5ish Wednesday thru Saturday
12 to 5 Sundays
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