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Valentine’s Shoot Featured on Trendy Bride

14 February

Am always humbled when our work is published… On this Valentine’s Day, Trendy Bride is showing us some love by featuring our Watercolor Romance Styled Shoot. Beautifully captured by JofFoto, the images evoke vibrant, passion-filled romance where pinks and reds overcome every shade of gray!

“He found the colors to paint her where the world had left her grey”

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Inspired by Atticus Poetry

Happily introduced to the Bella Villa inventory collection on occasion of this shoot is the vintage menu stand above. Our artistic groom used it as a unique easel for painting his muse. View More:       View More: Totally fibbing.  That was just for the shoot… the real artist was Lazy Dog Art Studio who painted her interpretation of the Atticus quote as that poignant watercolor you saw above… did you notice she’s grey in the picture and he’s breathing color into her?  I love it.

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If you’ve never been to Rust Manor House and Nature Sanctuary in Leesburg, VA it is absolutely worth a visit as the Audubon Naturalist Society is also located there and I’m pretty sure they love squirrels. Also, along with Aldie Mill Historic Park, another unique Loudoun County venue located just across the road from the Bella Villa warehouse, Rust Manor is open to the public!  I digress. Back to the shoot… We also introduced these awesome new red velvet bergere chairs, which have yet to be named. Feel free to post suggestions on my Facebook page.  Gorgeous to add a punch of color to any lounge!

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They’re so comfy and feature the same body style as the pair of Siena & Chiara pink velvet tufted chairs, but the new ones are red and have a smooth back (no tufting).

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      View More:

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We also featured two very feminine “occasional” tables… the petite mint green serpentine console. So gorgeous and was perfect for the card and gift table. And of course, you can see the inspirational quote beautifully scribed in watercolor.

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So perfect with all its chippiness, fancy hardware and curvy body. Like a woman!  Those droopy tulips in the drawer make my heart skip!

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We displayed Sweet Pink Bakery’s gorgeous cake (complete with Cupid’s arrow!) atop our white frenchy table and displayed the gorgeous blooms from Danielly’s Boutique’s in the caged bottom area.

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And this might be one of my favorite things to rent… tableside bubbly for the bride & groom… I love love love using this fancy urn in lieu of a traditional ice bucket. Anyone can have an ice bucket. It takes a genius (that’s what I like to tell myself) to see creative, yet practical, uses for ordinary objects. Although, this urn is hardly ordinary!

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Thanks for reading! I’ll have more photos from this shoot on my Facebook page. Meanwhile, take a look at the full team of creatives listed below and don’t forget to check out the Trendy Bride post! If you’re compelled, leave a comment… share some love. The world needs more of it.
And Happy Happy Valentine’s Day!!!!!



Photographer:  JOFFOTO//Event Designer: A Beyoutiful Fete Events & Design//Heirlooms and extras: Bella Villa Antiques & Vintage Rentals//Model: Daniel Bachelet//Floral Designer:Danielly’s Boutique//Model: Ellie Thomposon//Dress Store:Fabulous Frocks of Alexandria//Art: Lazy Dog Art Studio//Calligrapher: Mommy In Pink//Reception Venue: Rust Manor House and Nature Sanctuary//Cake DesignerSweet Pink Bakery//Makeup Artist: Tmak Artistry // Valentine’s Day 

Featuring Inspiration by Middleburg Events Studio

01 August

Repost from Weddings Unveiled Blog December 2014…

This photo shoot never gets old for me…

Our signature antique doors

Our signature antique doors

With Fall approaching, it’s nice to think about how vintage furniture in unorthodox colors like green and blue can augment the beautiful colors in Virginia’s Fall landscape…

Chandys & a Cake-topped country store barrel

Chandeliers in a Barn… say no more.

Luxurious Lounge in the country

Luxurious Lounge in the country

Check out more gorgeous pictures here:

More soon!

Today’s the Soiree!

07 February


Join Us Today!
10ish to 5pm

39478 John Mosby Hwy
Aldie, VA 20105

Great Raffle Prizes All Day!
Gift certificates to:
 Red Fox Inn & Tavern ($60)
Aldie Peddler ($25)
Carriage House Consignments ($25)
La Bella Luce ($25 + 2 hrs design consultation)
Bella Villa Gift Basket valued at $165
Live Music from 1 – 3
Pink Bubbly!!
French Macarons by Fresh Bakes
French Madeleines and Cream Puffs!
Quiches, Grapes and French Cheese!
Strawberries, Fancy Brie and Veggies!
We don’t mess around!!

Sneak peek of my vintage outfit today!
An original piece, inspired by the runways of Milan and Paris. Made and worn in the 70′s by my Mom, the one and only, Carmela!
Free Copies of
Weddings Unveiled- Winter Issue
Today at Bella Villa!!

Just got back from Italy…

28 August

Hi everyone!

Kevin and I just got back from a quick 12 day trip to visit our relatives in Ischia… Take a look at this magnificent place!  How am I so lucky to have been born to a Mom and Dad who are from this beautiful, wonderful island off the coast of Naples?!


I have so much to share about the trip, but for today, it’s all about food and wine to whet your appetites for an awesome culinary event happening this Saturday in Leesburg, and you’re all invited to come!!!  Check out the Epicurience Virginia website to see the schedule of events … We’ve gotta do something to help my nostalgia for the great meals in Ischia.  Between the abundance of artisanal food and wines, the sunshine, the gorgeous grounds of historic Morven Park, and let’s face it, the fact that I’ll be wearing my new wedges from Italy while hanging out with my Kevin, this Saturday is gonna be so fun!  Enter this coupon code to get $20 off tickets!  EpicVALoCo 

Kevin and I will most certainly be at the butcher demonstration, as well as the oysters and bubbly session… and we won’t miss the heirloom tomato Chef demo… maybe if I wear something cute, they’ll let me on stage so I can show ‘em what I know! ; )  This is my heirloom tomato salad with a side of prosciutto, thank you very much. It tasted as good as it looks!

Smith tomatoesOkay, so here come the pics from Italy!!  Check out all the demijohns in my Zio’s wine cellar.

Cantina Zio MicheleGetting to drink straight outa the cellar is such a treat!  My Mom has 2 brothers and they both make delicious wine!! I love that Kevin has to crouch down everywhere.  He’s 5’11″ but in Ischia, that’s pretty tall.

in the CantinaAnother day at “I Pirati” Ristorante on the beach, we shared this small “stuzzichini” lunch with my brother Paolo and his new fiance (more on that later!). We were pleasantly surprised to find that the chef is my Mom’s cousin, Michelino!!
To start, we had the ubiquitous bruschetta you see in the background with cherry tomatoes, EVOO, oregano, salt & pepper on garlic-rubbed charred bread, which is where the name “bruschetta” comes from. Bruscare means “to char”. This appetizer never gets old.
Then two trays of warm sauteed mussels with a squeeze of Italian lemons… and not pictured elsewhere because we finished it rather early in the meal, the litre of wine with fresh cut peaches washed everything down!


Next, cold seafood salad with octopus, clams, mussels, and a few celery leaves for color…  so fresh! so tasty!
Even if you don’t normally eat seafood, you would love this!  
Insalata di MareThen marinated fresh sardines which were surprisingly AWESOME! Followed by warm seaweed “zeppoline” or donuts.  And just to keep us balanced with the surf and turf, we enjoyed a nice mixed plate of grilled and roasted veggies including squash, zucchini, bell peppers, rapini and olives.  How’s this for a “small finger food lunch”?!

Just a few Stuzzichini

Another day, after spending the morning on their boat cruising around the island, we enjoyed some food loveliness at my Zia Teresa & Zio Michele’s house…

Zio's boat

where they quickly whipped together this little bit of magic!!

Zia Teresa's house food

Fresh figs from the family trees, just picked.

Prosciutto and fresh Mozzarella straight up.

A little fried up zucchini, onions and eggs, from their garden and chickens.

Beautiful tomato salad.

And a bowl of friariell’ peppers and tomatoes… this is an awesome dish which I really need to learn how to make because some years we get an abundance of peppers in the Smith garden and nothing that I make tastes as good as this supposedly easy dish.

Here is my Zia Teresa making zucchini flower fritters!  My Mom has 3 sisters and 2 brothers and every single one of them could be a gourmet chef with their own restaurant!  For reals!  They all have an incredible gift!!  Who makes zucchini flower fritters for a “quick meal after the beach”??!!

Zia Teresa Prepping Fior di Zucca

And here is her husband, my other Zio Michele, preparing the tray of prosciutto after having carefully peeled and positioned all the figs. If it were me, I’d have left the peels on for everyone to remove their own. Not them; they take so much care in everything. I love it! We’re so spoiled when we go there!!
Zio Michele prepping figs and prosciutto

So you see now why I have the nostalgia for Ischia and good food!??   Not good food, EXCELLENT fresh food.  I LOVE IT!!!!  I’m so hungry right now!!!  I already got my tickets for Saturday and if it’s not sold out already, you should get yours too! Here’s the link and here’s the coupon code:  EpicVALoCo.

Am going to pick tomatoes in the garden so we can have bruschetta for dinner!  



One Tree for Every Soldier

27 June

Hi All,

This Sunday there is a wonderful event near Aldie.  Unfortunately, I cannot attend as I will be “shop girl” so I need you all to go and then come visit me and tell me all about it.  Please?

You’re Invited to Attend a Ceremony to Dedicate

500 Trees to the American Civil War Fallen
@ Oatlands Historic House and Gardens, 2:30pm -4:30pm
20850 Oatlands Plantation Lane—Leesburg, Virginia

The Ceremony will feature “The Commandant’s Own” United States Marines Drum and Bugle Corps

The United States Marine Drum and Bugle Corps

& The Official Color Guard of the Marine Corps

Having attended the dedication ceremony of the very first tree (of the 620,000),  I can assure you that this Sunday’s event will be worthy use of your time.

first tree

if you travel anywhere along the Journey Through Hallowed Ground, but particularly along Route 15 between Aldie and Leesburg, you’re a direct beneficiary of the natural beauty these 500 trees will provide.  So important is this event that they moved it from its original date to a Sunday so that families could come be a part of it.  If I didn’t have to be shop girl, I’d be there with all of you for sure. I can never do this project as much justice as this video. Watch and you’ll see.

It’s free to the public, and all ceremony guests are invited to tour Oatlands afterwards for free as well.

Don’t forget to come visit me at Bella Villa too!! : )


BellaVilla-Vintage-Rentals-Logo no background

the Bella Villa family: Sharon

01 May

You may know that Bella Villa is home to 7 dealers besides me, all of whom have their own sources, skills, paint methods, and overall looks.  It’s not like an antiques mall with 10 by 10 booths cluttered and filled with rinky dink collectibles.

IMG_0001At Bella Villa, each space has its own classy look, and most folks don’t realize where one dealer starts and another begins because we all blend so well together.  

IMG_0008For those who visit often, you know that it’s like having 8 shops in one because  we all have our own sporadic schedules for refilling and refoofing our spaces, which means you can inevitably find new merchandise all the time! 


First in this series of posts about our Bella Villa family is Sharon Phillips. She always has at least one thing beach-related in her space.

IMG_0005Sporting  a seaside weathered look with a nod toward French,  Italian, or Industrial, her style is understated and always hip.

IMG_0012She never uses bright colors… always muted, always peaceful, always soothing, even when she uses black.


If you’re shopping for your beach house or if you wish your regular house reminded you of the beach, Sharon has you covered!


Her silver-haired RayBan wearing hubby, Jerry, will happily chat you up at the Eastern Market in DC where he sells her wares every sunny Sunday.  And you can friend Sharon on Facebook here - she usually posts pics of her Bella Villa bound stuff so you’ll get sneak peeks! 


Hope you enjoyed the tour of some of the great stuff Sharon just brought to her space this week!  


That super comfy pair of perfectly chippy Bar Harbor wicker chairs (with octopus pillows, no less!) will not last! Cheers!








Making Limoncello

29 April

Last week my parents sent  a package from home. Most of you already know, I’m from San Pedro, California, where the weather is beautiful just about every day.. It wasn’t just any package… it was for Easter and it was filled with lemons, oranges and loquats from their yard!!  No money, no cookies, just fruit from the backyard – the best kind of package ever!

So I had just gone thru my recipe box looking for inspiration and came across my Nonna Nini’s Limoncello recipe, hand written by Mom.

limoncello ingredients

The recipe was in Italian measurements so I had to go online and calculate the conversion from liters and grams to liquid and dry cups.  Hopefully I did it correctly. We purchased the pure grain alcohol at the grocery store in Ischia 2 years ago for the very purpose of making limoncello.  Sometimes it takes us awhile to get our projects done.

Lemons Peeled

The key to making excellent limoncello is to carefully peel the rind without including the pith (the white part). I used our old peeler and only applied very gentle pressure.  It worked! The kitchen smelled amazing by the way!  I just dropped the rinds into a clean jar, added the appropriate amount of alcohol for this many lemons and placed it in a cool, dark place.

limoncello peels

Now, we have to wait for 11 days and then we’ll add simple syrup to the mix, wait several more days, then filter it and enjoy!  Talk about super simple! : )  Happy Spring Day to you!!! Here’s to getting projects done!



Why a Squirrel?

25 April

So what was I thinking??? Placing a squirrel right in the middle of our logo? Why change the logo in the first place? Well, I’ll tell you. I still love our chocolate and aqua logo with the chandelier… I LOVE chandeliers! But over the course of the last 6+ years, I’ve discovered that I LOVE a lot of things. French and Italian chairs. Rusty old farm pieces. Ornate frames. Ghost mirrors. Doors. Florentine. Tarnished silver stuff and I’ve been taught to appreciate polished silver too. I love gold stuff. And surprise surprise, I love mixing it all too. The list goes on.

So many things enchant me – they’re all super special “nuts” to me. Sooo, if you’ve ever been around me on a busy day at the shop, you know that I’m all over the place with my thoughts, my ideas, my suggestions, my stuff… my hands! And on a bigger scale, I’m all over the place with the various things I’m involved with: Aldie Heritage Association, Visit Loudoun, Journey Thru Hallowed Ground, Chartreuse, the Vintage Rentals business which keeps expanding, now with satellite locations in Middleburg, VA as well as Middletown, MD (more on that next post). Oh!! And we FINALLY have a beautiful website! Check it out!! See, I’m such a squirrel! This post is supposed to be about the logo, and I totally want to get into all this other stuff!

So the squirrel represents me, and how I act when I’m super excited which I almost always am. It also just so happens that the vintage rentals business actually started because of my tendency to squirrel away my super favorite things over the last several years. Squirrels are resourceful, so I must’ve been thinkin’ ahead. ;) There you have it – the reasons for my squirrel, custom and hand-drawn I might add by my friend Sara Llanes (who also made my website, does calligraphy and is the founder of SuddenlyCEOS too!) Hope you love it as much as I do!


It’s gonna be a beautiful weekend! Come see me today at Bella Villa!  I’ll be there til 6pm. Tomorrow I’m providing vintage furniture for a baby shower at the Red Fox Inn in Middleburg (and bonus, I get to attend and enjoy them too!), and Sunday I’ll be having tea at the Jefferson Hotel in Richmond with my hubby, celebrating 12 years since “the beginning of the rest of my life”… it wasn’t the first time we met, but it was the weekend that changed my life forever.


Happy Spring!


Welcome to our new website!

22 April

We’ve been hard at work on weddings, the rebranding of our website, and gearing up for spring! There’s so much exciting news to share in the next coming weeks, so please consider subscribing to the newsletter and following us on Twitter to make sure you don’t miss a beat.

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